Monday, January 26, 2009


On the left-hand side of this page you'll see links to my trees on This is where I do the bulk of my genealogy research. can be annoying because it will constantly bug you to sign up when you go to view links. So I thought I would create a generic account for the family to use.

You can access any of the trees using the following account:

Login: Rootsandall
Pass: frankfamily

My family trees on
Frank/Dickson/Beasley/Harrison Family Tree

Sullivan/Hickey/Gruenewald Family Tree

Ebelhar Family Tree

The site can be a bit hard to navigate, so here are a few tips:

When you first click the link, you are taken to the Overview, which shows recently added photos and stores as well as other statistics. The best way to start is to pick a person and go to their specific page. In the upper right hand side of the page is a search box. Type a name in there (i.e., "Forrest Frank") and it will instantly give you search results. You can also just search by last name or part of a name. Select a person and it will take you to their personal details page. This lists all the events in their life as well as their relations.

There are two ways to navigate to other people from here. On the left are the person's parents and children. Clicking on one of them will take you to their page. There is also a small + below the parents that you can click to go directly to siblings.

You can also navigate by clicking on the 'Family Tree' tab just above the person's name. This will give you a visual of the tree going back 5 generations when possible, a useful way to see your own ancestors. Click on different people in the tree will move you up or down the tree. To get back to the personal details screen for a person, click on that person and then click the 'People' tab.

Finally, you will often see a little leaf icon notifying you that hints are available for the person you are viewing. You can only access these hints (as well as the results of searches) if you have a paid account. However, you can see the hints I've already attached to people. On the left hand side of the person's details page will be links to census forms and other data. You can click on these to read the details or see a scan of the original document when available.

I hope that is not too confusing. I can help anyone having problems using the website, just email me or leave me a comment and I will be happy to help.